How to get involved?

Becoming a member and enjoy members’ benefits

Why become a member?
Network and Influence
  • Belonging to a community of members pursuing a common interest and take part in the life of the Association.
  • Building a network of partners and promoting synergies of expertise.
  • Contributing to current and future regulatory discussions (participation in the Association's working groups; preparation of the positions advocated by the Association and events organized by the Association).
Market intelligence and Research
  • Contributing to market research groups, identifying and promoting good practices.
  • Provision to members of a documentary database, consisting of the Association's working documents, a regulatory watch carried out by the Association and other information collected as a result of the Association's participation in market groups, European and/or international bodies' working groups.
  • Carrying out studies or research papers by/with the Association.
Talents and Training
  • Accessing to training developed by FD2A for its members, in collaboration with its university partners and training specialists.
  • Accessing to an online talent management platform that links partner universities/schools, young graduates and employers.
How to become a member
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